The AIfIA Tools project aims to disseminate new IA tools from the community in order to learn from each other. Below you will find document templates, process map posters and other tools to help you in your practice. The documents have been donated by the community, by people just like you.

If you have templates and documents that you would like to share with the information architecture community, contact us at .

Other organizations also distribute tools that may be useful:

Case Study: Digital Web Redesign

Christina Wodtke produced this set of deliverables--personas, conceptual model, site map and wireframes--for the Digital Web redesign in 2002.

Christina Wodtke, Digital Web Redesign Digital Web Redesign (3.3 MB)

Omnigraffle Stencils

Paper Plane has created a set of IA stencils for OmniGraffle. They're optimized for OmniGraffle version 3.0, but will work with version 2.0 upwards. Complete installation instructions and additional examples are available from the Paper Plane website. The stencil shapes themselves were created by Matt Leacock, Bryce Glass and Rich Fulcher.

(Zip) Flow Map Stencil (9 KB)
Paper Plane, Flow Map Example Flow Map Example (658 KB)

(Zip) Block Diagram Stencil (7 KB)
Paper Plane, Block Diagram Example Block Diagram Example (119 KB)

IA Presentations

IA for Indexers
(Powerpoint) Leise-IAforIndexers.ppt (188 kb)
Leise IA Presentation for Indexers  Leise-IAforIndexers.pdf (217 kb)
Submitted by Fred Leise, May, 2004

Why IA Matters
(Powerpoint) Morville-WhyIaMatters.ppt (1.7 MB)
Morville, Why IA Matters  Morville-WhyIaMatters.pdf (958 kb)
Submitted by Peter Morville, May, 2004

Introduction to IA (with notes)
(Powerpoint) Maurer-IAIntro.ppt (2 MB)
Maurer Introduction to IA (with notes)  Maurer-IAIntro.pdf (3.9 MB)
Submitted by Donna Maurer, May, 2004

Introduction to IA
(Powerpoint) Bailey-IAIntro.ppt (1.4 MB)
Bailey, introduction to IA  Bailey-IAIntro.pdf (600 kb)
Submitted by Samantha Bailey, May, 2004

Content Development Spreadsheets
Content Development Spreadsheet HoweContentTool.xls (21 kb)
Content Development Spreadsheet john-howe_desenvolvimento-de-conteudo.xls (In Portuguese, 44 kb)
Submitted by John Howe, February 6, 2004

Content Inventory RiceContentInventory.xls (6.6 MB)
Submitted by Sarah A. Rice, April 19, 2004

Wireframe Templates
Templates used in creating wireframes are available for your use.

Visio wireframe template  LombardiWireframe.vst (177 kb, for Visio)
Visio vdx wireframe template  LombardiWireframe.vdx (754 kb, for importing into Omnigraffle)
PDF of Visio wireframe template  LombardiWireframe.pdf (16 kb, for viewing or importing into Illustrator)
Submitted by Victor Lombardi, March 25, 2004

Visio wireframe template  SmithWireframe.vst (147 kb)
Visio vdx wireframe template  SmithWireframe.vdx (1 MB, for importing into Omnigraffle)
PDF of Visio wireframe template  SmithWireframe.pdf (11 kb, for viewing or importing into Illustrator)
Submitted by Gene Smith, March 26, 2004

(Illustrator) (660 kb)
PDF of Illustrator wireframe template  WarfelWireframe.pdf (5.1 MB)
Submitted by Todd R. Warfel, April 2, 2004

(Powerpoint) CavazzaWireframe.ppt (120 kb)
PDF of Powerpoint wireframe template  CavazzaWireframe.pdf (496 kb)
Submitted by Frédéric Cavazza, April 9, 2004

Fundamental Concepts of Reuse
Content reuse is fundamental to a successful unified content strategy. This excerpt from Ann Rockley's book Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy defines content reuse and the benefits of its use. It explores how other industries have employed reuse for decades to improve their processes and the quality of their products.

Concepts of Reuse book chapter ConceptsOfReuse.pdf (1 MB)
Submitted by Ann Rockley, December 10, 2003

Introduction to IA Brochures
Two brochures that help explain information architecture to business and technical people. A full color 6"x8" version is suitable for printing as postcards, and an 8.5"x11" black and white version can be printed on any printer. Both are covered by a creative commons license and can be modified to suit your needs.

IA Brochure for Business and Technology, 6x8, color IAforBizAndTech_6x8.pdf (1 MB, color, 6"x8")
Adobe PDF IAforBizAndTech_8.5x11.pdf (24 kb, b&w, 8.5"x11")
Submitted by Victor Lombardi and Dan Willis, November 27, 2003

Design Review Checksheets
Useful checksheets with questions for consideration by the design team and reviewers when reviewing work at different stages of the process. There is a checksheet for Concept review, UI/interaction design review and Visual design review. Has space indicated for approvals and signature sign off by selected approvers. These sheets are great for tracking the progress and making sure key people approve and sign off on each step.

Design Review Checksheet templates in Adobe PDF format DesignReviewChecksheets.pdf (230 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Design Review Process
A template to capture the dates in the Design Review Process and key milestones and stakeholders

Design Review Process template in MS Word format DesignReviewProcess.doc (28 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Design Scope
The Design Scope template should outline the general aims and goals of the project design and lists the major deliverables and milestones. To be completed by the experience design team lead.

Design Scope template in MS Word format DesignScope.doc (28 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Project Overview
A template to be completed by the experience design team lead in preparation of or as an attached document to Product Requirements documents. Information should be filled in to give an overview to project team who may be new to the project.

Project Overview template in MS Word format ProjectOverview.doc (26 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Creative Brief
A template to provide a brief description of the project. It should outline the objectives, audience, and assumptions for the project and details the creative concept the team intends to use moving forward. This document should accompany the materials for the Conceptual Design Review. Information should be filled in to give an overview to project reviewers who may not be intimately involved in the project. Differs from project overview in that this is specific background information related to design constraints, concerns and other information directly relating to the solution presented for review. The Creative Brief can also be used to inform outside firms about a project when brought in for consulting.

Creative Brief template in MS Word format CreativeBrief.doc (27 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Project Definition and Scope
A template for providing historical information, available industry research, initial scope, a rough schedule, and implementation plans for the proposed project. It should outline business objectives of the project. It is to be completed by the project requestor – usually a business stakeholder.

Project Definition and Scope template in MS Word format ProjectDefinitionandScope.doc (26 kb)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003

Process Maps
A poster sized map showing the steps and deliverables through the UI/IA/UX project lifecycle. Maps various activities and deliverables against project roles and indicates major milestones. Excellent resource for educating clients (internal and external) about "the process" and what to expect at each phase of the cycle. Two different "takes" on the process are available for downloading.

Color Design Process template in Adobe PDF format DesignProcess_color.pdf (128 kb, color map)
Adobe PDF ExperienceDesignFlow_bw.pdf (104 kb, b&w map)
Submitted by Erin Malone, Sept. 5, 2003