AIfIA Membership Signup - Step 1/2

AIfIA is a non-profit organization that supports the global information architecture community.

Our membership fee system is based on the World Bank's country classification system to adjust the membership fee by country: you pay less if you live in a country in group A or B (check which group your country is in).

 Membership type Country group A Country group B Country group C
Student 1 year free of charge 10.00 US$ 20.00 US$
2 years free of charge 15.00 US$ 35.00 US$
Professional 1 year 20.00 US$ 30.00 US$ 40.00 US$
2 years 35.00 US$ 55.00 US$ 75.00 US$
Group 1 year 100.00 US$ 150.00 US$ 200.00 US$
2 years 185.00 US$ 280.00 US$ 375.00 US$

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To join us, select your membership type, duration and country of residence. We'll then ask for some additional information. Payment can be made via PayPal or check.

Membership type: Student
Membership duration: 1 year
2 years
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