The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture partners with other organizations to advance its mission. (If you are looking for the people who lead AIfIA, go to our People page.) Partnerships may include agreements to exchange resources, interoperate technically, and act together to form a community of people and ideas.

Interested in becoming a partner? We consider specific proposals that tangibly benefit both your organization and AIfIA. Send us your proposal.

The Institute's partners currently include:

Argus Center for Information Architecture
Created by Argus Associates, the site includes a selective collection of links, original articles, and independent research focused on improving our collective understanding of information architecture.

Boxes and Arrows
Boxes and Arrows is an online journal dedicated to understanding the design of the architecture and structure of digital spaces, and often features articles on the craft of information architecture.

CMSWatch provides an independent source of information, trends, opinion, and analysis about Web Content Management (WCM). The site also includes intelligence about related technologies, such as XML, digital asset management, and content syndication.

IA Slash
IA Slash is a news site for information architects, highlighting the most current thinking in the field in a blog format allowing for comments from the IA community.

IA Wiki
The IA Wiki is a collaborative, open discussion space for the topic of information architecture.

University of Baltimore
The University of Baltimore School of Information Arts and Technologies offers an M.S. in Interaction Design and Information Architecture. We are excited to be collaborating on the Education Curriculum initiative.

“Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”

— William Pollard