The Institute is operated by a dedicated, multi-national group of people volunteering their own time and resources to advance the field.

Board of Directors | Management & Operations | Advisory Board

Board of Directors (2004-2005)

Victor Lombardi, President
Principal, The Management Innovation Group

Livia Labate, Treasurer
IA Independent Consultant

Jess McMullin, Secretary
Principal, nForm User Experience Consulting

Samantha Bailey
Vice President, Information Architecture, Wachovia Corporation

Eric Reiss

Management & Operations

Chiara Fox
IA Library Co-Director

Austin Govella
Newsletter Editor, Web Operations Manager

Perry Hewitt
Marketing and Communications Consultant

Joanne McLernon
Project Resourcing Director

Jess McMullin
iaSlash Editor

Marcia Morante
Project Director

Tanya Rabourn
AIfIA-members Discussion List Moderator

Gene Smith
Communications Director

Jeff Tang
IA Library Co-Director

Shane Winegard
Technology Director

Advisory Board (2004-2005)

Peter Boersma

Donna Fritzsche

Jesse James Garrett

Challis Hodge

James Kalbach

Jeff Lash

Mike Lee

Jim Leftwich

Harry Max

Peter Merholz

Peter Morville

Marc Rettig

Dave Robertson

Lou Rosenfeld

Rashmi Sinha

Gene Smith

Dan Willis

Christina Wodtke


To learn more about the origins of AIfIA and the people who started the organization, read our 2002-2003 Annual Report and visit our permanent listing of founders.

“We must become the change we want to see.”

—Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)