Schools Teaching IA

Many colleges, universities, and companies offer courses in information architecture. Below you can download listings of institutions worldwide that offer courses and full degree programs dedicated to information architecture.

AIfIA List of IA Programs in Adobe PDF format AIfIA_List-of-IA-Programs.2003.pdf (8 kb)

AIfIA List of IA Courses in Adobe PDF format AIfIA_List-of-IA-Courses.2003.pdf (28 kb)

Courses and Programs:
AIfIA List of IA Courses in Microsoft Excel Workbook format AIfIA_List-of-IA-Education.2003.xls (68 kb)

In compiling the above lists we included courses and programs that explicitly used "information architecture" or "information design" in the title. For courses not explicitly using these terms, a course was judged to be IA-related if it encompassed a digital information design/organization theme and used one or more IA books as the text.

If you know of a program or course that fits these criteria but is not listed please contact us. We plan to periodically release updates to these lists.

For more on IA education, see the Degree In IA page at the IA Wiki.

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